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7 Marketing Ideas for Insurance Agents

Haley Martensen
December 22, 2017
Marketing Ideas for Insurance Agents in 2018

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You should always be thinking about ways to improve your business and start out the new year strong. We’re here to help provide great ideas and tips to boost your marketing efforts. Here are 7 marketing ideas for insurance agents:

1. Implement Content Marketing

As an insurance agent, your primary focus is on clients who are in need of an insurance policy right now. However, you also need to focus on keeping in contact with clients during the months and years in between these transactions. For clients in that phase of life, seeing posts about needing insurance is not relevant. Instead, share and send content that is full of valuable information applicable to clients no matter where they are in the insurance process. This way you stay top of mind so they remember you when it counts.

If you need inspiration, check out some of our top-performing insurance campaigns.

2. Embrace Social Media

Most everyone is using social media, but as an insurance agent, are you using these channels to grow and nurture your business? If you said no, make this your goal for 2018. When thinking about where client and prospects are, you can find them online.

One mistake that insurance agents make with social media is only posting “boring” information about insurance. Get creative and share content to all of your pages that is engaging and valuable, regardless of whether they are currently in the market for a policy or not. Post interesting questions and ask your network share their own thoughts in the comments, and be sure to respond when they do. This is another way to engage with your clients and potential clients that’s fun and doesn’t feel like work.

3. Monitor Your Online Reviews

Consumers have quite a bit of power to make or break your company’s reputation through sites such as Google Reviews, Yelp, and Facebook reviews. In fact, 97 percent of consumers read online reviews for local businesses in 2017 and 85 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. With percentages like this, obtaining these online reviews is important and should be added to your business activities for 2018.

Wondering how to do this? The quick answer is to do great work and have happy customers who want to brag about you. Customers may not know how valuable these reviews are to you, so taking the time to ask for these reviews is important. If you need to reach out for help with building up your online reviews, we’ve put together 10 tips on how to ask.

Managing your online reputation requires you to monitor sites and be proactive in addressing these. Having the ability to leave a positive review also means a customer may leave a negative one. The best way to deal with any negative reviews is by following up, asking questions and discovering what you can do to better address the situation in the future. Remember that you won’t be able to make every customer 100% happy, and that’s okay. Do your best work and provide great customer service and your loyal customer base will grow and so will your positive reviews.

4. Ensure Brand Consistency

This means having a consistent brand across all online and offline channels. What this doesn’t mean is uploading a logo or headshot to every site that may be applicable to your business and never returning. You need to ensure that your information is the same on each channel – your website, review sites, social media profiles etc – and then continue actively monitoring it.

Besides information and images the experience a prospect or client encounters on each channel should be consistent. Respond to messages, tweets, emails and phone calls in the same tone and communicating the same information. The experience of each client or prospect should be the same regardless of when, where or how they find you.

You would never want to miss out on a client because they called the wrong number or sent a message to the incorrect email. Avoid this by taking the time required to maintain a consistent brand.

5. Go Mobile

Do you know where your phone is? Like most people these days, it’s within arm’s reach. Mobile use is steadily on the rise with users spending upwards of 5 hours a day on their mobile devices. To meet the growing mobile audience, focus on having a responsive website so users who visit via mobile or tablet have just as great of an experience as those using a desktop computer.

And there are a lot of internet users on their phones. Internet users spend 51 percent of their time on mobile or tablet compared to 48 percent on a desktop. Facebook is the world’s most used social media platform and 1,149 billion of their users use are mobile only. That’s a lot of potential clients! Avoid causing hassle for clients and prospects and make improving your mobile experience a priority this year.

6. Don’t Wait, Clean up Your Data

If you have a database full of bad contacts, then all of the effort put into crafting and sending newsletters goes to waste. Receiving too many bounces, unsubscribes or spam reports and your sender reputation and your ability to even make it into the inbox will also plummet.

Having clean data impacts your email deliverability as well as your ability to expand your reach. Take the time to clean up your data regularly and remove unsubscribe requests to ensure you’re making the most of your marketing efforts.

7. Automate Your Marketing

As an insurance agent, managing a healthy pipeline of clients and prospects is essential to growing your business. You have a long list of tasks you do on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis, which means it can be difficult to find time for generating and sharing content in addition to following up with past clients.

Automated email and social media marketing is a great way to consistently reach your audience, even when you don’t have time to pick up the phone or send that handwritten note. There are several tools that allow you to automate this on your own, but if you want content created for you from start to finish, OutboundEngine’s automated marketing is the right choice for your business. Click here to set up a live walkthrough and find out how it will help you succeed.

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