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5 Easy and Impressive Client Thank You Gift Ideas

Taylor Landis
November 21, 2019
client thank you gift

It’s an unpredictable time for small businesses, no matter your industry. Business owners are looking for creative ways to generate more sales, but often they focus too much energy on finding new prospects and not enough on retaining and activating their past customers. How do you make sure those people don’t forget you?

Research has shown that 60-80% of satisfied customers don’t go back to the business that initially satisfied them. Why? Many people simply can’t remember the name of the person who helped them find a health insurance plan five years ago or inspected their house last summer. One way to be memorable is to give a memorable client thank you gift.

In addition to gifts, content marketing is an important step to keep in touch and make sure customers you helped remember you for years to come. These gifts don’t need to be extraordinarily expensive or hard to find. They need to show your customers thought and that they mean more to you than just a deal.

Here are five client thank you gift ideas that are impressive and easy to do.

1. Write a Note

This client thank you gift isn’t fancy but can be incredibly impactful. In a world where it’s easy to send a quick text or an email to say thank you, the effort it takes to send a handwritten note makes this gesture extra special.

To make this part of your routine, keep a stack of generic, blank cards handy. Simply write a few lines about how much you appreciated or enjoyed working together. Or, have someone else send it for you. Services like Postable and Sent-Well will write, address, stamp and send cards to anyone you choose. Tell them what to say and where to send it and they make it happen.

This simple client thank you gift will surely bring happiness to the client who receives it. Those positive feelings go a long way when you want that client to recall your name when their friends or family ask for referrals.

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2. Send a Special Delivery

Much like getting a thank you note in the mail, getting a special delivery is always fun. There are classics like cookies and flowers, but also plenty of opportunities to break away from the ordinary and try something unique.client thank you gift ideas

Seeing as how they have everything else, so it shouldn’t come as a total surprise that Target has gift baskets. Order online and pick up in-store or have your gift baskets delivered. If you want something a little more unique, Etsy also has a large selection of gift baskets. You can support another small business and will likely be able to customize your order more than you would when ordering through a big company.

Want to earn even more points? Send the delivery to your client’s office. Not only do they get to show off their treats to their coworkers, but they’ll be telling everyone all day that it was you who sent it. This type of client thank you gift is a win-win; your client feels appreciated and you get your name and business in front of potential customers.

3. Remember the Details

There are plenty of gifts that you can grab from the store and give your clients. Does your client who just opened a bakery want flowers? Maybe. While the thought is still there, the impact isn’t the same as if you bought them a customized apron to mark the occasion. Taking the extra time to find a client thank you gift specific to where they are in life won’t be easily forgotten.

Examples include a mortgage loan officer giving a first-time homeowner a stamp with their new home’s address on it, or an insurance agent giving a Starbucks gift card to clients who have a newborn at home.

Combining the practical nature and thought of these client thank you gifts is sure to help them feel appreciated as more than just a transaction.

4. Make it a Family Affair

client thank you giftDropping off a bottle of bubbly for clients that found the perfect home for their growing family is fun and festive, but it isn’t something the whole family can enjoy. What about a board game they can play together in their new living room or a gift card to a local restaurant to explore a new neighborhood?

Giving a family-friendly gift not only delights the whole household but also reinforces the fact that you understand their situation and can anticipate their unique needs.

5. Remember the Details

When you’re working one-on-one with clients, you’re bound to talk about subjects outside of the business at hand. Do they have a dog? A hobby? Are they super fans of a sports team? Take notes during these conversations and use the information to find a gift that is perfect for them.

Maybe it’s a new toy for their pet or a coffee cup with their team’s logo on it. These client thank you gifts can take a little more time to source, especially if their favorite team happens to be an obscure curling team, so take that into account if time is of the essence.

Keep in Touch, Always

A thank you gift may be the end of a business transaction, but it shouldn’t be the end of your communication with your clients. You should also be regularly sending emails and keeping your social media accounts active. These tasks are important to build brand awareness and customer retention but are time-consuming.

That’s where OutboundEngine can help. We use marketing automation to automatically send engaging, industry-adjacent content to your network on a regular basis. Schedule a free demo today to see how OutboundEngine can give you more time to focus on what your customers need instead of worrying about your marketing strategy.

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